North Coast 500

At Oily Rag Classics we don’t just restore Jensens but drive them too. Having just completed 1976 miles in our Interceptor starting from Cornwall and driving to Scotland to complete the NC500 driving on some amazing roads with stunning scenery this is a road trip everyone should put on their bucket list.

All went well with the car until leaving John O Groats when a rear brake calliper handbrake assembly broke, a quick temporary repair was made at the side of the road before being driven to a local garage where they let me have full use of their workshop to remove the calliper and carry out a proper repair that would allow us to complete the trip.

The summit of the Applecross Pass 2054 feet above sea level with the steepest ascent of any road in the UK.
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SP recommissioned and refreshed

After spending the last 6 months with us a Jensen SP was today returned to its owner. The car bought at an auction last year has been with us for checking over and some mechanical repairs alongside some major electrical repairs and an interior refresh.

It was also treated to a pair of bumpers, new mirrors and the removal of some non standard modifications.

As is often the case the list of jobs kept growing but the car should now be reliable and safe for its new owner to enjoy. This has now freed up some workshop space which will allow us to get on with the MK1 Interceptor which should be reunited with its rebuilt engine very soon and carry on with a large recommission of a CV-8 which has been stood for the last 20 years and is need of much work to the engine, brakes and fuel system.

Once we get through some of this work then the next 2 cars in the queue will arrive one for a full restoration and the other for a full mechanical restoration.

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Brown Interceptor Collected

The Brown Interceptor was driven home today a journey of more than 200 miles, hopefully the first of many new adventures for this car.

Theres still lots to do with an SP nearing completion of a long list of jobs including an interior recolour and many mechanical and electrical jobs. The Mk1 Interceptor engine is now back together and ready to be run up on the test rig and a CV-8 has arrived for a recommission after suspected 20 years laid up.

We also have an FF in the final stages of paint and an SP nearing the end of a huge amount of welding which will be returning in the summer both requiring rebuilding. Along with a convertable arriving soon for a full restoration so theres no time to rest.

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Workshop Update

There has not been much posted lately although lots has been done nothing is finished. A constant struggle for parts has meant that the Brown MK3 has sat in a Carcoon for the last 3 months whilst waiting for a windscreen that was ordered in June with a quoted delivery of a few weeks. We have now got the glass which is being fitted soon, so then the last few jobs can be finished and the car road tested.

In the meantime a MK1 Interceptor and an SP have arrived not for restorations but both requiring substantial work, including an engine rebuild for the MK1 and major rewiring to the SP who’s previous owner had deleted many parts of the loom and made his own modifications. This has now been rectified and everything is working again as it should. These repairs along with many other smaller jobs getting the suspension, brakes and fuel systems right on both cars along with an interior repair and recolour on the SP.

Today we had a road trip to collect FF182 after completion of the welding work. We are also hoping to see FF133 return soon with a fresh coat of paint ready for rebuilding.

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August Update

We are now nearing the completion of the Brown MK3 Interceptor, so whats next at Oily Rag Classics. Well it looks like we are going to be busy over winter, we have 2 MK1 Interceptors in for some mechanical and electrical work to complete their restorations carried out elsewhere. Another SP will be arriving for an interior recolouring along with new carpets, fitting a new A/C system supplied by Pat at Fenair and many other mechanical and electrical jobs.

In addition to this we have other cars booked in for smaller jobs to include a Riley, a CV-8 and other Interceptors whilst carrying on with the 3 full restorations.

The Silver SP is undergoing some serious fabrication work at Hightone Restorations before returning to us as a fully welded and painted shell with external trim ready for us to carry out the mechanical, electrical and interior trim work.

Jensen SP Restoration

We then have the 2 MK1 FF’s with one nearing completion of the welding work and the other at our paintshop being prepped for paint, so some busy and exciting times ahead of us.

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