Engine Rebuilds

A rebuilt E series 383 came off the test rig today after a full rebuild, the engine had seized and was delivered here as a pile of parts having been stripped elsewhere. It needed a +60 rebore as there was so much damage to the bores and 10 thou off the crank and the heads fitting with hardened valve seats.

The rebuild was finished off with an Edelbrock intake manifold and was converted to electronic ignition. Once fired up and the cam bedded in for 20 minutes it had some final detailing before being removed and is now ready for the customer to collect.

Also in the picture is the 440 rebuilt engine and gearbox being stored on the test rig until it is ready to refit in the Brown J series Interceptor we are carrying out a full restoration on and a six pack engine from the SP we are restoring which is now on the engine build stand ready to be cleaned before stripping for a full rebuild.

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Interior Refurb

Loving this Tan interior and thinking it will go really well with the fresh Brown paint.

Now that the recolouring is complete Ive spent some time reassembling the trim panels and fitting the switches and other parts. Im pleased it still has the original 8 track with Jensen flap that has been repaired ready for some 70’s music.

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MK111 in primer

The Mk111 we are restoring has now had the bodywork shaped and is in its final primer coat. Cant wait to get it back and start reassembling it with all the new and refurbished parts.

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End of year roundup

Lots of projects have been progressing over the last few months.

The Silver Jensen SP in for a full restoration has been stripped with all parts cataloged and safely stored. The shell has been transported for welding work to start whilst we make a start on refurbishing the parts removed.

The Brown J series Interceptor is now in Primer ready for final finishing before the colour goes on. Once the paint is finished this car will progress quickly as most parts are refurbished and on the shelves waiting to be refitted. The interior is also currently being repaired and recoloured.

FF182 is progressing well with repair sections being made on an English Wheel and TIG welded in before planishing, the front wings and valance have now been repaired along with a new front section of the bonnet and various other repairs.

Almost invisible repair to wheelarch and valance

FF133 has been stripped of all old paint and underseal and is being test fitted up to check alignment of trim before it goes for paint. I have also been refurbishing parts including the heating and ventilation system and the dashboard and switchgear along with many smaller parts.

Finally the MK2 E series engine is now rebuilt and waiting to be run up on the test bed before being returned to its owner.

It has been a pleasure to work on these projects this year along with all the smaller jobs on the 541, CV8, MK2 manual Interceptor and the Series 4 Interceptor.

More photos of all the projects past and present are in the project gallery on the website.

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MK11 Interceptor engine bay painted

The MK11 we have had in the workshop has now had the new bodycolour in the engine bay and underneath the car.

It is now ready for collection by its owner who will be carrying on with the work but it will return as he was so impressed with the engine bay paintwork he would like it to come back for the bodywork to be painted at a later date.

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