FF Bonnet & MK111 Bodywork

The bespoke bonnet for the FF has now been made and fitted on the car, just a few minor adjustments once a bonnet seal is fitted.

Progress is also good on the Brown MK111 with 99% of the welding completed, just a new cross member bottom to be fitted, although this was solid it had many dents from jacking and will be fitted with a stronger plate. The next phase of the bodywork will be the filler and shaping ready for paint.

The engine for this car has now been fitted to the new test rig and run up for the first time with all its own ignition fuel and cooling system.

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Engine Test Rig

I have been making an engine test rig to bed in cams and setup engines before being fitted back in the cars.

This will mean less time leaning over the wings once the engine has been refitted.

Now that the fabrication work is finished and a newly built engine fitted its time to fit the engine ancillaries and make up a wiring loom .

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Mk111 Interceptor bodywork

The welding has begun on our latest MK111 Interceptor restoration.

Although the bodywork was much better than most, this car will still require full inner and outer sills, wheelarch repairs and rear valance along with various small repairs.

The work is now well underway with both inner sills and floorpan repairs now completed along with the nearside front wing and many other small sections repaired.

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MK111 Interceptor suspension & MK1 spoiler

This week has seen the completion of the MK111 Interceptor suspension with all parts powdercoated before being new bushes, balljoints and fixings were fitted. They are now all wrapped and stored ready for refitting when the bodyshell is ready.

Whilst I had a MK1 FF spoiler lying around I had a copy made for FF133 as it was missing when the car arrived.

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