August Update

We are now nearing the completion of the Brown MK3 Interceptor, so whats next at Oily Rag Classics. Well it looks like we are going to be busy over winter, we have 2 MK1 Interceptors in for some mechanical and electrical work to complete their restorations carried out elsewhere. Another SP will be arriving for an interior recolouring along with new carpets, fitting a new A/C system supplied by Pat at Fenair and many other mechanical and electrical jobs.

In addition to this we have other cars booked in for smaller jobs to include a Riley, a CV-8 and other Interceptors whilst carrying on with the 3 full restorations.

The Silver SP is undergoing some serious fabrication work at Hightone Restorations before returning to us as a fully welded and painted shell with external trim ready for us to carry out the mechanical, electrical and interior trim work.

Jensen SP Restoration

We then have the 2 MK1 FF’s with one nearing completion of the welding work and the other at our paintshop being prepped for paint, so some busy and exciting times ahead of us.

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Brown MK3 Progress

Progress has been steady on the car since the engine and gearbox were refitted. The engine ancillaries have now all been fitted, the wiring loom has been connected along with the fitting of the centre console for the connection or switches. More interior trim and chrome work has been fitted including the freshly rechromed bumpers.

We have also refitted the fuel tank along with ethanol proof fuel lines all the way from the tank to the carb. The last section of pipe from the fuel pump to the carb is covered by a high temperature sheath to help with fuel vaporisation.

The electrical systems are now being tested and it won’t be long before the engine fires up.

The car was polished and moved outside today so that the customer could see the paintwork in the sunlight.

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Brown MK3 Engine & Gearbox Fitted

This car is coming together well with only just 6 weeks having passed since the shell was painted, another milestone was reached today after the engine and gearbox were refitted.

There is a lot of work to carry out in the engine bay of an Interceptor before the engine goes back in so we are very pleased with the progress on this car.

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MK111 Rebuild Progress

The rebuild is progressing well since the body shell returned from paint. The front and rear suspension has been refitted so the car is now a rolling shell on its own wheels. The lights and some trim pieces have been fitted along with many other small parts.

The long task of fitting the insulation and heat shield to the engine bay bulkhead is now complete which allows the engine bay to be reassembled. This has started with a new engine bay wiring loom section which has now been routed and in the process of connecting up alongside fitting the various electrical components.

Work has also started fitting the brakes ready for new pipe work which will be made in the workshop as it is neater than the pre-made kits.

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Brown MK111 Returns from paintshop

We are very excited to see the Brown MK111 return from the paintshop today. We have been working with a new paintshop recently and I am amazed at the quality of their work.

I have booked in my own FF to be started in a few weeks once they have caught up with other customers work and am really looking forward to see the results of their work and the colour scheme I have settled on.

With FF133 next to go for paint.
Amazing quality reflection outside.
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